I saw the band ghost b.c. last night and it was so awesome, I totally have some weird crush on papa emeritus, even though he wears a weird mask that make him look old and spooky, I’m sure he’s a babe. Wasn’t it rumored that the singer of ghost is actually in repugnant? If that’s true then that’s pretty awesome. I wanted to check them out last time I was in Camden on Carnaby Street when they played. I don’t know why I didn’t go, I think I was sick with food poisoning or something. Getting sick overseas is seriously the worst thing ever because you’re not super familiar with the products and don’t have your bed. At least the pharmacists in the UK can just prescribe you something without going to a doctor, that’s pretty cool I guess.


I picked up some summer brews yesterday at the market, tis the season forsaisons, right? I also got some tangerine infused ale, some hoegaarden, and a bottle of cheap sangria–just for old times sake. Sometimes you just need some fancy beers, some good music, and a porch.


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